Mission Values

Our Culture, Mission and Values

Our employee-owners have inspired the culture we live every day. AmNet’s mission is simple and direct: To create an exceptional company that provides value for our clients and team members.

Learn more about our values and decide if you’d like to join an outstanding team.


  • As company owners, we are dedicated to the team’s success
  • We inspire team members to excel.
  • We are focused on helping our clients achieve the American dream of home ownership

Commitment to Clients

  • We take the time to understand each client’s specific needs and how we can help them achieve the dream of home ownership.
  • We are motivated to provide the right mortgage product quickly and efficiently with the highest level of integrity.
  • We take accountability, making sure customer expectations are exceeded throughout the home buying process

Integrity and Trust

  • We seek opportunities to help each other and share the credit.
  • We respect each team member and treat them fairly, recognizing the value of their individual skills and contributions.
  • We cultivate a team spirit to move us forward.
  • We encourage professional and personal growth.


  • We believe in our ability to innovate and continually improve what we do.
  • We cultivate an environment of breakthrough thinking that is our engine for growth, success and progress.
  • We encourage all team members to contribute new ideas and put them into action to improve our company.
  • We are decentralized and run a 100% Web-based platform, enabling our team members to operate anywhere in the United States.


  • We work hard so we can play hard.
  • We understand the need for work-life balance; no one should like working more than being with friends and family.