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Are you prepared to step into the world of mortgage banking where excellence isn’t just expected, but embodied in every action? If so, American Mortgage Network awaits you. We are not just another mortgage banking company; we are a paradigm shift, wholly owned by a team of elite professionals who are reshaping the industry.

In our realm, bureaucracy is a relic of the past. We value the innovative ideas of our employees and act swiftly, tearing down traditional barriers. Our approach to technology exemplifies this ethos – we harness its power to streamline the mortgage process, delivering unparalleled efficiency and superior service to our clients.

We seek the best in sales, operations, technology, and administration. Individuals who aren’t just looking to join a company, but to revolutionize the home buying experience. Our ethos is simple: think like an owner. This mindset drives our team to generate groundbreaking ideas and solutions, elevating our efficiency to new heights.

American Mortgage Network is not for everyone. We are the breeding ground for industry innovators and leaders. If you have an unrelenting passion for excellence, a desire to challenge the status quo, and a vision to think beyond conventional boundaries, you might just fit in here.

Our team is constantly expanding, searching for those rare individuals who can infuse fresh perspectives and diverse experiences into our mission. We don’t just want top performers; we seek those who align with our values and resonate with our purpose.

Embrace an opportunity where your contributions are valued and your potential is limitless. We offer not just competitive compensation but a culture of unrestricted growth, coupled with a comprehensive benefits package.

Step into a career that transcends the ordinary. American Mortgage Network is your gateway to becoming a trailblazer in the mortgage banking sector.

Discover your perfect role on our website and submit your application today. Dare to be part of the extraordinary.

Our Rigorous Selection Process

  1. Cultural Fit: We prioritize candidates who resonate with our core values and ethos, ensuring a harmonious and productive workplace.
  2. Professional Insights (PI) Assessments: Applicants undergo comprehensive PI assessments, allowing us to understand their strengths, work styles, and areas for development.
  3. Multiple Interviews: Our thorough interview process involves multiple stages, ensuring we select candidates who not only have the right skills but also align with our long-term vision.
  4. Firm-Like Buy-In: In some instances, akin to a law firm, we require a buy-in, underscoring the commitment and dedication we expect from our team members.

Who We Look For

  • Elite Mortgage Loan Originators: We seek individuals who are already among the best in their field, demonstrating a track record of success and expertise.
  • High-Potential Talents: Our team is open to those who possess the latent potential to become elite. We provide coaching and support to nurture these individuals towards becoming top 1% performers in the industry.

Joining Our Team

Being part of American Mortgage Network means joining a league of professionals dedicated to excellence. Our unique approach to hiring ensures that we not only maintain but continually elevate the standard of service and expertise in the mortgage lending industry.

If you believe you have what it takes to thrive in this elite environment and are ready to embark on a journey of professional growth and achievement, American Mortgage Network invites you to explore a career with us.